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It is hugely important to me to show you how you can create your creative business your way and how it is a continuous work in progress with awesome ups and sadly some downs too.

That is why I am experimenting with showing you a monthly behind-the-scenes of my business to show you what I have been working on, what went well, what could have gone better, what made me money this month. That way you get a real look in how it is to have a creative business that is always innovating, developing, changing and growing.

I have previously written Behind the Scenes Blog Posts for multiple months for 2021 and January for 2022.

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What happened in February?

Officially Launched my Etsy store


I mentioned it in the January blog as well but at the beginning of February, I officially launched my Etsy store with 3 website templates in it. I haven’t added any new ones to it yet, but there are some printables and 2 more website templates coming soon.

Made it known we will be travelling for 6 months with our van

In January we made the decision to travel and work from our van for 6 months. We are going to see Europe (we don’t know exactly what yet) starting at the end of this month (March) and will be working from the road while we do. So you don’t have to worry, I will still be here and helping you create your creative business your way! I actually have some fun projects on the way.

Started moving courses over to Learn

I am moving my courses and products from a special WordPress platform to Thrivecart Learn. I have moved over 2 products so far and will be doing the courses this month. There are two main reasons for this: 1) This makes it easier for people to get access to products and courses after they’ve bought. 2) I don’t have to worry about connections between them paying in Thrivecart and them getting access to my course platform. There were some issues with the connection over the last months where sometimes people wouldn’t get access to the (right) product and I want to make sure everything works smoothly while I am travelling.

Started some extra new projects

Yes, this is a tease but you will get more information soon! I started some fabulous new creative projects that I will be showing you this month.

Personal addition

I ran a sale for Tessa in January hoping that things would get better, but the whole of February I spend a lot of time at the vets. We tried to find out more about what was going on with her, but the longer it took the more it became clear that whatever it was, it wasn’t good. At the end of February, we had to make the hard decision to let Tessa go.

This months income

There are no stats for this month because I didn’t make any income. This may sound very weird, but I always want to be open and honest with you all.

There are two reasons for lack of income: first I received money in January for work to be done in February, which I did and secondly, I focussed a lot on products that are not online yet, so can’t make me money yet. I am hoping that will start to pay off somewhere in the next few months.

If I am being honest I hope that there are some new calls coming in for March, but otherwise, I expect it to be quite income-wise again, as we prepare for our road trip.

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Content I Created


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Why you need
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Video 19 coming up with content ideas 2


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Stuff I Invested In

I am trying to not buy too much at the moment but I did invest in a few things with credit I had.

First off, I bought Simple Marketing for Always-Open Memberships from Elizabeth Goddard with credit I had left. I have been thinking about starting a creative content membership (Interested? Send me an email or DM to let me know!) and this would be really interesting.

I also bought Claudia’s ‘Sell Patterns from your Paintings‘. Not that I think my paintings are any good but I did want to learn how to make seamless patterns. I am going to use other people’s clipart to get patterns for websites and other uses (please make sure that if you decide to do this too you have the right licence and permission to do so). And as I said, I had some credit left, making this almost free 🙂

Tech I Used

  • Dubsado to send proposals for Website in a Week, Pick My Brains, Magical Content Days and much more. I also use it to sometimes send invoices and do a lot of the client communication
  • Voxer to support my clients
  • ConvertKit to send newsletters and email sequences for the funnel
  • ThriveCart to offer my products & courses
  • Canva to make the images for YouTube
  • Premiere Pro to create my videos for YouTube
  • LinkWhisper, RankMath and TastyPins to create better blogs
  • Notion for all my notes, content library & planner, planning and so much more.

Favourite Tool of the Month

I used to make loads of books/magazines in university. We made books that explained each class, what was important about it, whether you really needed the book, etcetera. We also had a bimonthly magazine for the department and there were some other things we made. I loved making these magazines as it involved writing, photography, design and we made all of them in InDesign.

However, I hadn’t worked with InDesign since and I was really scared to start using it again. But it has become so much simpler, and I still had all that knowledge from before stored somewhere in my head. So I made 2 interiors for books already and I know I can make some more really quick! And that makes InDesign my favourite tool of the month.

What’s Up for March?

As we will be leaving for our road trip by the end of this month, I am focussing very much on moving over the rest of the courses to Learn and moving all of my students (over 1000) over. I also want to make sure I have a bit of a buffer for my YouTube videos so I don’t feel the pressure that first week or two to shoot if I need to find my way in the camper. I also will be making/editing our first two vlogs for CamperStories, our vlog channel.

On top of that, I hope to launch some new products this month including more website templates, some printables and a physical product…

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Hi, I'm Natalie

I love being creative (scrapbooking, card making, crocheting) and helping other creative entrepreneurs build their business their way.

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