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Every year I review the year and plan the next one, and I take you along on my journey. In this blog, I will look back on the year 2021 for my business Digitalie as well as look forward to my projects and goals for 2022.

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Reflecting on 2021

My goals for the year

My words for the year were Play and Up and the idea was that I wanted to play more, try things out, have a bit more fun in my business and life and “Well, life can only go up from here now can it?” Ehhhhh…

What happened

Personal stuff

As you know, 2020 was a hard year for us personally and that bled into 2021 of course. So I was not really in a great place mentally when the year started. Not to mention we all assumed 2021 would be better pandemic wise than it turned out to be. However, as the year progressed I noticed I was feeling better mentally again, even though we had some more personal hardship in the fall.

I am starting with this because you can see it in the review of the year as well.

January through May

I did not keep track of my first few months but with some puzzling, I found I did the following (I might have missed some things though):

  • Launched a new Digitalie course platform.
    In February I launched the new version of my Digitalie course platform. It feels weird knowing it was not even a year ago and I am going to change it again next year but I am still very proud and happy with how it turned out.
New digitalie platform
  • Made a new free resource ‘Easy as Pie Roadmap‘ – 6 steps for creative entrepreneurs to build their dream business.
    This PDF makes so much sense to me because I love cake and pie and all things sweet and so what better than to use that to explain starting, running and growing your creative business.
  • Launched Digitalie Day.
    Seeing that some creative entrepreneurs just needed a little bit more tech support I added a Digitalie Day. During one of these I work 6 hours with or for you on technical issues. Sometimes I do this by myself, just making things that were requested but most times it’s partly done together so we can talk through things or I can explain things. I have done a few of these since and I really think it helps my people that are struggling with something tech to just let someone else take the burden.
  • Ran a live round of Content Creation for Creatives
    I ran a quite successful live round for Content Creation for Creatives and it was so much fun.
  • Came up with a 1:1 services to brainstorm 50+ unique content ideas for you
    This new 1:1 service helps you come up with 50+ content ideas you can create. No cookie-cutter stuff, but especially thought out for you. This was originally a pop-up offer but was well received so it stayed.


  • Launched my new website.
    This feels so much longer ago than only june! I am so happy with my renewed website and it fits so much better with me and how I help you create money-making content that leads to fabulous products and services.
  • Started a new service called Website in a Week.
    I have been making websites for years, even before Digitalie, but website development used to cost me weeks or sometimes even months of going back and forth. I knew it could be easier and then I came up with Website in a Week, where we, as the name says, build your site in just 1 week. I have done a few so far and it has been amazing for both the client as well as for me.
  • We bought a camper (RV/motorhome).
    Having a camper had been on our wishlist but we bought this on a whim because the offer was just too good to pass. So happy with our camper. We’ve already been away several weekends as well as on a longer holiday in September.


  • I launched Pick My Brain.
    These have brought me so much fun since I launched them in July. With Pick My Brain you have the option to book a call with me for 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes and I can help you with tech or strategic questions. I have helped people with short strategy questions, WordPress issues or small content questions during these.
  • I made a funnel for Content Creation for Creatives.
    This is something I really wanted to do for a few months and at the beginning of July I took the time to figure out how to have multiple freebies and sales pages lead to one special offer of 150€ off on Content Creation for Creatives.


  • The first month I posted a Behind the Scenes to my business (of July).
    Ruth and Sandra inspired me with their Behind the Scenes blog posts to start doing these too every month. I have posted one every month since.
  • I wrote out new systems for my business.
    With Dani’s help I learned how to write out SOPs for my business, and made over 15 of them in this month. Since then I have written quite a few more and I am now at 26 ‘task lists’ making my life easier.


  • I started my YouTube channel!
    I was working a lot on this during July and August and I finally got to launch it in September. I love the reactions I am getting on my channel and it has grown to 26 subscriber during these 4 months!
  • My Cake Credits sale flopped.
    Not everything you come up with goes right. My cake credits sale I did in september totally flopped and noone bought. However since then some people earned cake credits while buying a product through my affiliate links.


  • I updated my Content Library & Planner Templates.
    These are my best selling product and I felt like deserves some extra love and attention.
  • I bought Learn from Thrivecart so I can move over my courses & products.
    Thrivecart introduced Learn and Learn+ in October and I bought knowing I wanted to move over my courses and products to this in the new year. I love my current educational platform but the tech sometimes misfires and I wanted something that was more fool proof.


  • I dropped the price of my Magical Content Day.
    Yes, that is not something you hear every day but I dropped the price of my Magical Content Day, simplified the process and made a new sales page for it.
  • I renewed my affiliate program.
    I set up my affiliate program at the beginning of the year but never really finished the process. I improved and finished it during november so that it is easier to sign up as an affiliate if you’ve bought a product, course or service and the affiliates have more information.


  • Started organising my business files differently
    With all that I did this year and my plans for next year it was high time to organise and declutter my digital files.
  • Took part in a special deal (25 days of deals)
    I took part in 25 days of deals by Kimi Kinsey and offered my best selling product up with a special discount.

Stats of 2021

Email: 732 subscribers – this is actually less than last year because I joined a big giveaway at the end of 2020 and it gave me a lot of new subscribers, part of which left during the year, but a lot of them stuck around and I got new lovely people as well.
Instagram: 421 followers – I culled my followers over the last year (old accounts as well as spam) and still ended with more than I started with.
Facebook: 201 – it’s been like this for a LONG time, I haven’t made much effort to change this, been more focused on IG.
Pinterest: 226 followers but more interestingly I have had almost 4000 engagements with my content and had 83 clicks. That is not a lot yet, but I can definitely see it’s growing and it is something I intend to focus my energy on this next year.

Income 2021
My income report for 2021

1:1 services: 7,9%
Magical Content Day, Business Detective Day, 50+ Personalised Content Ideas, Pick My Brain
Done-With-You: 86,4%
– Things like Digitalie Day, Website in a Week, Website Care Plans, custom work for clients
Courses & Digital Products: 0,8%
Digitalie Playbook Template, Be Your Own Business Detective Training, Magical Marketing Circles, Content Library & Planner Templates, Content Creation for Creatives
Affiliate Income: 1,6%
– My affiliate income isn’t a big part of my income yet but I hope to grow this over the next years.
Other: 3,3%
– This mostly exists of me buying plugins and other products for my clients and getting paid back for it.

Conclusions for 2021

Looking back I realise I worked A LOT on my services offers this year. I deleted most of the offers I had before and added a lot of new ones (based on old ones). I also made sure my processes for my services were better and easier for me and the client. That wasn’t really what I had planned for the year but I do think it was a great thing to do, because now that I know my services are set and working I can focus more energy in the new year coming up with new products and courses.

Dreaming and Planning 2022

My dream for the next year is to add more products and courses to my business. Not because I don’t love the 1:1 work but because the products & courses give me the ability to help more people while allowing me more freedom.

Therefore my word for 2022 is Create.

Creating a life I love by creating new products and courses. I have quite some ideas for trainings, products and other things I want to create. I also want to create (and update) a lot of content, both for my blog as my YouTube channel.

In my personal life I want to create too; crafting and crocheting and what else I fancy. And creating that life I love includes travelling with the camper of course!

I never make very specific plans for a year because so much can happen in a year. But I know that in the first quarter I will be working on:

  • Launching my website templates
  • At least 1 new training
  • Moving over to Learn by Thrivecart

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Hi, I'm Natalie

I love being creative (scrapbooking, card making, crocheting) and helping other creative entrepreneurs build their business their way.

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